More than 30 specialists, based in Barcelona and Madrid, work every day to turn technology into an added value in the strategy of the hospitality companies. We have over 900 clients and implantations in the most important tourist destinations in the world.

We trust you. Trust Prestige!!

At Prestige Software, we believe that quality and service must come first, that’s why our solutions are highly innovative, both technologically and functionally, to be able to face the challenges in a business environment as competitive as tourism.

We develop high quality products, with a professional and expert team, both in the software and the hospitality industry, so we can focus our attention in the needs of our customer and our product, offering an excellent service 24/7.

Prestige apps run under a subscription of “Software as a Service”. You just need a device with internet connection. Download the application and request your license.

You can access your system from any location, both to manage your reservations, and to review your business data.

Prestige applications are available on multiple platforms.

Any of our applications process or store personal, customer or user information that is not protected. All data used by the applications is subjected to the privacy policy that Prestige Software follows and you can find here: Privacy policy

At Prestige Software we had been working more than 20 years exclusively developing solutions for hotel and restaurant industry.

Prestige Software

Hotel management integrated system

Our solutions are highly innovative, both technologically and functionally, to be able to face the challenges in a business environment as competitive as tourism.

If you are looking for a technological partner that helps you develop and grow, a solution to operational on-line integration, a unique multichannel selling platform or a management and advisement software for any type of hotel business, we are your solution.

Main features

Prestige provides you powerful hotel management software which ensures your working capacity, confidentiality and data security, with the minimum IT-infrastructure.

  • Available on different architectures: centralized, distributed or hibrid
  • Vanguard in its technological concept: Web Service
  • Supplementary functional modules
  • Fully integrated with web and office environments
  • Based on technological standards
  • Multiple languages
  • And many more features…

Worldwide Presence

Currently, Prestige Software has presence in over 26 countries.

Andorra, Argentina, Aruba, Belgium, Brazil, Cape Verde, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Germany, France, Haiti, Hungary, Jamaica, Mexico, Morocco, Paraguay, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Tunisia, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay

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In Prestige we move the management to a cloud environment to make the company more efficient and more productive. Our pillars are universal access, the real-time communication and ease of use.


Prestige is comprehensive system to manage individual or hotel chains which is developed in web-service structure.

This architecture allows the distribution of its services in different levels to ensure an optimal level of performance and the right adaptability to the customers’ needs according to the nature of their business. It is developed on three levels:

This architecture allows the distribution of its services in different levels to ensure an optimal level of performance and the right adaptability to the customers’ needs according to the nature of their business. It is developed on three levels:

  • Customer: corresponds to the presentation layer and supports the interaction with the user.
  • Application server: corresponds to the application layer and supports the business logics.
  • Data server: corresponds to the data layer and supports the management of information.

In large deployments is where costs reduction, thanks to cloud computing tech, is highlighted.

In small size deployments, the system is ideal, since the cost is reduced to a single workstation, connected to the internet.

Maintains a balance between standardisation and personalisation.

Affords you the chance to enjoy the benefits and reliability of a standard system that meets an extremely high percentage of any hotel's operational needs, with the possibility of full adjustment to your business' specifics through easy personalisation.

Works in line with your business strategy.

No technological limitations when it comes to adapting strategic plans for your business' growth and evolution in operational terms. The flexibility necessary to face market changes and capitalise on the opportunities presented by them, along with the possibility of taking on diverse internal management philosophies.

Operates impeccably.

Naturally accompanies basic hotel processes with tools designed to facilitate daily tasks and allow your staff to focus on customer service.

Simple internal and external integration.

The chance to make your hotel management system complete through external integration with customers and suppliers and internal integration among your organisation's distinct departments, all in the simplest way possible without having to invest exorbitant amounts.

Simple to use.

No expensive user training is necessary, which proves especially beneficial in a high-turnover labour market.

Makes reliable business analyses.

The ability to design appropriate strategies based on reliable past data with corresponding analyses suited to each department and to access that data from any point with the aid of a security device.

Commitment to progress and support.

A sure investment, as you'll enjoy lasting interactions with your technological partner, all based on quality service provision.

Platform monitoring

Our technicians control the performance and the availability of the platform where the software services run 24/7.

They guarantee the scalability that you need as your business grows, ensure the security of your data and keep up to date all the versions of the operating software so the solutions you purchase are always functionally and technically supported by the most advanced software.

You are the one who knows your business best. We strive to identify you immediately with your application, and in a few minutes start to work with it.

Feel productive from the beginning.

And we stay by your side. Tell us what would help you work better.


Software services improvements

Aware that the tourism industry is in constant change, we strive to ensure your investment along the time so we evolve our services, both functionally and technologically, so we avoid technology to be a problem for your progress.

Our R&D department and our project and product managers are constantly in touch with you, so we can design evolution together.


If you believe the future lies in the cloud and you want to contract our cloud products, you should not worry about the architecture of your servers, we do that for you.

But if you already have an IT department and you feel comfortable with the management and maintenance of your servers, we offer you the possibility to distribute them as you prefer.

Centralised architecture.

If you’d like a separate, single server for each of your establishments.

Distributed architecture.

If you’d like each hotel to have its own server while remaining data integration and consolidation online with your headquarters.

Hybrid architecture.

If you’d like to combine the former two architectures, using local servers for specific hotels and not others due to location or critical management processes.


Help-Desk 24 x 7

It is certain that the hospitality industry works when we work but also works when we rest, when we travel or when we sleep. The hospitality industry always works.

We know the support and customer service cannot stop, and that’s why, we offer our help every day of the year, 24/7

You could also register tickets with your queries or incidents through the Support System (the icon on the right top of this website) and a specialist will contact you to solve it.

All our technical support staff are specialists in our solutions and are a non-outsourced service.


Remote training ...

The training services are given in thematic sessions of 2 hours minimum that can be contracted as initial training, to refresh concepts or for new employees.

...or in-person. It is up to you.

In-person training includes the transfer of one or some of our specialists to your establishment.

Free of charge, when hiring any of our software services, you have a test environment and tutorials to get you in the management of the solutions autonomously.

You could access it through your credentials as a client.


Our products are designed to suit any type of hotel, from hostels to global chains.

It doesn not matter which segment they are focused on: vacational, urban, coast. We have the product that best suits your needs.

Designed for centrals that store and distribute information.

If you have more than one hotel, find out about these modules.

For urban or vacation hotels, individual or large chains, regardless the type of property, these products offer you a powerful solution to manage it.

In addition to the hotel modules, restaurants modules allow you to have total control of your establishment. Restaurant invoices, shop and bar tickets or waitress orders.

If you own a restaurant, do not worry, there is no need for these modules to be linked to a hotel to work.

Link your hotel with a direct XML connection with the main reservations centers of the world: Booking, Expedia, etc. Reservations will be automatically integrated into your system, without 3rd parties being involved.

You will no longer have to introduce them manually.

Besides, reservations can also be made through Prestige modules as the booking center, web booking engine, or the call center.

cloud products

If you wish to be up to date, you will like this alternative. Softwares completely web-based are taking advantage in the hospitality industry for many reasons:

  • Technology evolves quickly and constantly which means that large investments are difficult to recover.
  • The cost savings are significant. Cloud products has a monthly fee that includes not only the software but the servers platform to provide the service, operating system, backups, certificates, maintenance, firewalls, etc...
  • Costly infrastructures like server cooling, power consumption, uninterrupted power supply systems, etc. are erased.
  • A single service cover all areas of management, both platform and software and services. This reduces costs and, if something fails, is easier to solve since there is only one supplier.
  • Keeping the competitiveness of our applications makes our products constantly evolving. This way, we develop live software and guarantee the evolution of it thanks to the contributions of our customers to improve the functionalities.

on premise products

On the contrary, if you prefer to use a server-based solution, you need to consider:

  • Servers must be installed in your property. In addition, you have to manage backups, uninterrupted power supplies and database support software and their annual maintenance.
  • Extra costs will appear due to applications updates, either by your own staff or by the movement of third parties hired to install them.
  • Due to applications and technology are constantly evolving, licensed products become obsolete or a better and cheaper product is released on the market.
  • Even so, Prestige offers you the possibility to license your modules guaranteeing the evolution of them without a maintenance fee.

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